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couples therapy

What I often see in troubled relationships is that both parties are focused on being right. Usually the other is at fault and therefore must change. But since the other person feels exactly the same, you get stuck. Both partners feel unheard or unseen, and where the relationship began with a strong feeling of “we”, there is a feeling of “me against you.”


In couples counseling, I will teach you how to communicate better and understand each other better. I will guide the conversation, ensuring that both parties are heard and have the opportunity get closer to one another.

The method I use for couples therapy is based on Dr. Sue Johnson's EFT (Emotionally Focussed Therapy)

Feel free to contact me

If you first want to get acquainted or want to discuss whether you can contact me with your question, you can send me a message or we can arrange a non-binding, 
short call appointment.

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