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Coaching for your work, private life or relationship.


Hi, I am Coen Hamming

Couples therapist & Coach

"As a couples therapist and personal coach, I see my clients as whole and capable and not broken. Ultimately, they are the only ones who know what is best for them. However, often this vision and self-confidence is clouded by multiple pros and cons, fears and fantasies that get in the way. By listening carefully, asking the right questions, doing coaching exercises and giving 'homework', the personal coach helps to clearly visualize this vision and to give the client control over his or her life. The coaching techniques I use stem from Co-Active coaching, EFT (Emotionally focused therapy) and other coaching and therapy forms. "

In addition to an accredited professional coach and certification (CTI) course, I have completed several other courses and further training, including EMDR (trauma processing), Emotionally Focused Therapy (relationship therapy) and leadership training.

Over mij

Let's make better mistakes tomorrow.


Life is not always easy. Difficult decisions and less pleasant events might occur and make you feel stuck or lost. A personal coach helps you to find new perspectives and your own answers to feel in control again.

Couples Therapy

In couples coaching I help you express yourself in a way that your partner can really understand you and empathize with you and to listen to your partner on a deeper level.

Guidance and supervision

I provide guidance, supervision and training to coaches who are setting up their own practice.

I don't give advice, instead I initiate a transformation that changes you permanently. Through this transformation from who you are now to who you want to be, old problems and obstacles will dissolve almost naturally.

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In my coaching I focus on the present and the future, so you feel more satisfied in your personal and professional life as well as in your relationships.

What won't I do?

  • Provide standard solutions or work plans


What will I do?

  • Provide insight into how you think and act

  • Help you both change and accept who you are


The first session serves to get to know each other, get clarity on your coach question and if needed to explain the way I work.

Coaching Sessions

We look at how you can make changes in your life from different angles. I use various coaching techniques and exercises and give assignments to apply what we discussed in the coaching session in your daily life.


Afterwards, you may want to refine your goals and check your progress.


'It is very nice to have very personal coaching conversations, without it being heavy or tiring. The coaching conversations gave me a lot of energy and desire to get started.'


– L. van G.


Rates Coaching

A session takes 60 minutes and costs € 95,-

Business coaching costs € 140,-

Couples therapy costs € 140 ,- per session.

Prices are including VAT.


The sessions take place in my practice in Amsterdam, over the phone or online.

Coaching appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged.

In some cases, personal coaching is (partially) covered. Ask your employer about this.

If you would like to get acquainted first, or like to discuss whether your question is suitable for coaching, you can send me a message or we can make an appointment for a short call.

Coen Hamming

Reijnier Vinkeleskade 9-1

(middelste deur)
1071 SP Amsterdam

06 185 14 240

Feel free to contact me without obligations!


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